Inter-rail is

all-round logistical services




If you want to bring your wagons to Italy, you can now do that even more easily.

Thanks to a network of Italian and foreign partners, Inter-rail is able to provide rail traffic in Italy and abroad, including the last-mile rail management.

The professionalism of Inter-rail's own staff is integrated by the wide range of logistical services, and it can rely on a wealth of experience in the railway field, accrued over the years by the personnel in major private companies and within the Trenitalia Group. That has allowed the company to build an efficient network of national and foreign partners, with which Inter-Rail is able to guarantee a wide range of logistical services, while also being able to monitor the performance of ongoing transportation and to intervene timely if needed.


Our railway services, either managed directly or with our partners' support, provide for:

  • daily connections from the Italian borders to Udine, Osoppo, San Giorgio di Nogaro and vice versa;
  • ad hoc connections to Vicenza, the Brescia area and Genoa;
  • multiple weekly connections from Udine and San Giorgio di Nogaro to Germany, with the possibility of further continuation by rail to the UK, the Scandinavian countries, France, Greece and Eastern Europe, with transit times ranging from 4 to 12 days, depending upon the final destination;
  • multiple weekly connections to the intermodal terminal of Cervignano;
  • ad hoc connections to the sea ports in Friuli Venezia Giulia;
  • weekly connections to Russia.
  • shipments by block trains to and from the main European destinations;
  • shipments by single wagons to and from the main European destinations;
  • intermodal services;
  • rail wagon rental for the various types of products.
  • raw materials and fertilizers;
  • steel and iron industry products;
  • construction material;
  • forestry products;
  • vehicles.

We are able to provide the following rail services:

  • shipments by block trains to and from the main European destinations;
  • shipments by single wagons to and from the main European destinations;
  • intermodal services;
  • rail wagon rental for the various types of products.

We offer you customized solutions, allowing the logistical management of your product for rail transportation of:

Inter-rail is able to organize the transfer of goods at the Udine and Cervignano terminals and the delivery and collection by truck to/from locations all over Italy, by making use of a professional network of well-known partners. We are also able to organize all the main activities to be carried out within the port areas of Trieste, Monfalcone, and Porto Nogaro.



by road


Inter-rail is active in the field of national and international road transportation, too, carrying out shipments indirectly, i.e. by making use of standing collaborators of proven reliability and capability. These organize the freight, both by scheduled operations and with regard to urgent requirements of the customers. Vehicles having various sizes and capacities are used to supply the primary and secondary transportation services, and for the distribution.



Intermodality in practice

The integration of transportation by road with that by rail or sea offers a broad range of intermodal shipments throughout all Europe, thus allowing a maximum of cost reduction and a minimum of environmental impact. Thanks to our customized consultancy, you can always be guaranteed the optimal solution for managing full and/or partial loads of intermodal loading units (swap bodies, semi-trailers and containers).

If shipped through our intermodal services, your goods always remain inside the same loading unit, from the place of departure to the destination, even though the transportation means change. The result is an efficient solution of combined transportation modes, particularly suitable for shipping heavy goods, such as steel and iron products, construction materials, tiles, timber and drinks.

Convenient, practical and environmentally friendly.


Combined transportation offers multiple advantages:

  • environmental protection: thanks to the combined transportation by road and rail the emissions of CO2 are reduced by up to minus 65%;
  • more freight: for every shipment, the payload can be increased by up to +15% (some 4 tons per trip);
  • more efficiency: no downtime, the weekend downtime is reduced. The restrictions to road traffic are not applied;
  • greater loading and unloading flexibility: with the swap bodies at the warehouse, planning loading and unloading operations is extremely simple;
  • guaranteed mobility: the goods travel with whatever weather, regardless of weather conditions and traffic jams;
  • greater security: the load is controlled and the risk of theft and accidents is greatly reduced in comparison to road transportation;
  • greater security for ADR goods: it is particularly advisable for shipping hazardous goods.



Reduced warehousing costs and integrated services

For your company, this means an agile, economic way of removing all the problems concerning the logistics of goods, thus optimizing space and time that you can dedicate to your core business.

A solution for the warehouse logistics problems

We see logistical outsourcing as the management of transportation from the producer to the final customer, through warehousing, integrated activities, and accessory services. Our company goal is to offer a high-quality integrated distribution service.

Our computer system allows us to know in real time all the data concerning the arrival, stopover, departure and delivery of goods. This allows us to answer immediately any enquiry concerning the status of a shipment. At the same time, the logistical service intervenes in all stages of the shipment and can ensure the most reliable and complete management, satisfying the customer's requirements and any personalization he requested.

The whole operational activity is supplemented by the administrative procedures and the issuing of the documents.


A customized solution for your specific needs

Thanks to the expertise we acquired over the years, we are able to offer a broad range of accessory services, such as:

  • loading / unloading of railroad wagons, intermodal loading units, and road vehicles;
  • distribution services;
  • warehousing;
  • kitting;
  • preparation of orders;
  • labeling of individual packages with the bar code system;
  • transit point service;
  • customized workings and packagings;
  • customized palletizations;
  • issuing of shipping documents.


and services

Competence and Efficiency

Logistics is no longer made up just by more and more flexible shipments and roomy warehouses. It is an integrated process in which computer science, the management of customs and insurance procedures, and the flow of information regarding each individual shipment are the real added value. In supplying logistical services, Inter-rail deems that a fundamental role is played by the value and professionalism of our human resources. That is why important resources are committed to carrying out training courses and professional training, in order to be able to take care of the whole administrative and bureaucratic procedures concerning the import/export shipments.

the nest


The acknowledgement that state-of-the-art logistics demands greater competencies and above all the ability to carry out the strategic management of a complex web of relationships with several parties brought Inter-rail, together with three partners –Interporto di Cervignano SpA, Marlines Srl and Midolini F.lli SpA– to the establishment of the NEST enterprise network agreement. The strategic choice was to join forces in order to form a team and to focus diverse experiences and competencies, so that an all-round solution can be found for all requirements for logistical services.

NEST can rely upon a direct presence in the three seaports of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste, Monfalcone and Porto Nogaro), as well as in the Cervignano Intermodal Terminal, with outdoor work areas for a total surface of 232,000 sqm; warehouses for 40,000 sqm; 65 direct employees; an aggregate turnover of over 54 million Euros, amounting to over 4 million tons of shipped goods in 2012.

a response to

logistics and services

Integration, systemic vision, synergies, optimization of resources and quality of the services are the keywords steering Inter-rail's mission towards the achievement of three fundamental goals: improving and developing the services offered; creating a logistics network functional for railway transportation, in partnership with national and international logistical operators; creating the conditions to be the local part of a synergy with European-scale railway companies. In practice, the offer is for integrated logistics activities, featuring transportation and handling services, and the management of orders from the production plants all the way to the consumer markets of the large-scale distribution networks. The railway logistics operator intends to study customized projects for managing the flow of industrial products and solutions with a view to door-to-door deliveries. The main fields of activity are the steel and iron industry, the forestry products, and the logistical distribution of fast-moving consumer goods. The current Inter-rail's turnover share concerning activities that are not transportation by rail (warehousing, transportation by road, distribution, logistics) amounts to some 5% of the total turnover, with a strong potential for growth in the future. Railway transportation is our core business, but we are also able to supply a broad range of accessory services, such as:

  • storage and distribution of raw materials and finished products for major industries;
  • loading – unloading – transshipment – storage and warehousing in sea ports;
  • transportation and shipments via rail, road, sea;
  • intermodal and multimodal services;
  • management of shunting in railway marshalling yards and junctions;
  • rental of wagons and loading equipment;
  • management of warehouses and storage areas in sea ports (Trieste, Monfalcone and  Porto Nogaro) and at the intermodal terminal of Cervignano del Friuli;
  • logistical services and customization of products;
  • warehousing and distribution services;
  • logistics consulting and assistance;
  • customs procedures and management of administrative procedures.

The high-quality standards of the services and the availability of highly qualified personnel are the best guarantee when you entrust us with the management and organization of shipments, from the point of origin to the final destination.